The Beneficent Association Casa da União works with charity monitors in all states of Brazil, its Capital, and in other countries, including the United States, Canada, Peru, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Australia. There are currently 243 beneficence monitors. The beneficent activities are carried out with the help of volunteers, who work together for Peace and Love.

The Headquarters, in Brazil, of the Casa da União has 32 other Associated Casas da União, in Switzerland have 01, that actively work in providing social, educational, health (in several areas), financial, and cultural services to its own members and to communities in their respective regions, regardless of gender, color, race, nationality, religion, or any other type of discrimination. In places without a Casa da União, the work of beneficence is carried out by regional coordinators and local beneficence monitors.
The Beneficent Association Casa da União sprouted from kind actions of service and the awareness of the importance of this practice for our spiritual development. It is a movement of solidarity, inspired by love, kindness, and fraternity, without any kind of discrimination.

In 1971, José Gabriel da Costa, Mestre Gabriel, began statutory charitable work through a religious society called União do Vegetal [UDV]. The increasing number of members in the UDV and charitable work realized, highlighted the need for a better system of organization, and thus the Department of Beneficence was created.
With time, the charitable works expanded to reach more communities outside the UDV, and “Beneficent Institutions” were established. These non-profit institutions of assistance had the same goals and principles as the Departments.

On January 23, 2017, the new statute was approved for the activities of the now Beneficent Association Casa da União that governs the participation of the associated ones, and organizes its structure and administration, with the objective of a structure capable of raising funds, organizing and streamlining the most diverse beneficent works in a standardized and regulated way. On February 10, 2017, the first board was elected, consisting of: President, Vice President of Communication, Vice President at the International Level, Vice President of Fundraising and Project Expansion, Local Vice President, 1st Secretary, 2nd Secretary, 1st Treasurer, 2nd Treasurer and Fiscal Council. In addition to the board of directors, Casa da União has an Advisory Board and four coordinators.

The associated Casas da União have their own local directorate and receive supervision and direction from Headquarters, on a continuous and permanent basis, with their administrative, fiscal, and tax autonomy preserved. The Headquarters of the Beneficent Association Casa da União provides uniformity, work guidelines, and improves communication and organization. This strengthens local works, increases productivity, and the sharing of resources between Associated Casas da União, thus facilitating the exercise of the practice of goodness, on a continuous and permanent basis.

We have currently 31 Casas da União (all located in Brazil) and 243 beneficence monitors in 11 countries. Casas da União have already helped thousands of people since their establishment, and, with the help of volunteers, more than 500 charitable activities are carried out annually.
What is not measurable in numbers and which is of great value to us are the bonds of friendship made, the moments of joy shared, and, above all, the growing feeling of love for doing goodness to others while performing beneficent activities!
The financial resources for carrying out the activities come from monthly dues, partnerships, and donations. The activities, realized for human fraternity and respective to local needs and possibilities, are: Project Luz do Saber, Day of Beneficence, and Promoting Health. Other local projects include helping nursing homes and shelters, park/beach clean-ups, and collaborating with other beneficent organizations.


Work to assist in the improvement of people’s lives,
developing a feeling of fraternity and love for others.

Building peace and social justice in the world through education,
health care, and wellness.

Love for others as a principle
Serving people as a purpose
Kindness as a guide
Well-being as a target
Fraternity as a motivation



Love is capable of changing our lives and everything around us. The Beneficent Association Casa da União believes in the power of love, of loving ourselves and our neighbors. Come and be part of this Home of Union, of Love, of goodness and of fraternity.